Modbus binding, problems with silently disconnected items

No, thanks - Wago is connected and working, IP was set by Wago BootP-Server.
Only sometimes Openhab loses the connection, for whatever reason.

Well, it’s your problem. You don’t have to investigate it. What would you like to happen next?

Sorry, I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding.
I understood stamate_viorel’s contributions to mean that he wanted to show me how to make the connection in general.

If that was not what was meant, please explain what was actually meant.

I wanted to wait for the next incident (in the hope that this will never happen, because firstly the parameter “timeBetweenTransactionsMillis” has been added and secondly I have changed something in the wiring).

It is for sure something in your configuration (wiring or timing).

The basic rule would be not to try to read values faster than necessary.

I use Modbus TCP and have no problem with stops of communication. Also I won’t doubt on the Wago since that thing is industrial device and has been tested a lot in the world.

Hello, just a quick feedback:
No problems for 10 days…

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That’s good, sounds like configuring the TCP to be a bit more gentle to the WAGO has avoided some issues.