Modbus Binding


I need to know if it is possible to read a coil in a slave and write another one in another slave in the same switch?

I explain my problem, my API (wago 750-841) have mirror address for read and write.
ex : 4196 is for write the coil and 8192 is the mirror for read this one.

With modbus binding i can read contiguous coils but my api is addressed by 4192 difference.

How can I resolve this issue?
(sorry for my english i’am french and school is not english focuses here :slight_smile: )

Thx thomas

Sure, I do this today:



They are the same physical device, just separated by 2071 so I use two definitions to break things up.

Thx for your reply,
I see that you have basement, basement_ponet, so how did you configure your Switch item to read basement and to write basement_ponet?

You can do that with a rule that when item changed postUpdate to your output item.

I don’t understand how.
If i have a switch, modbus read and write the same modbus address or contiguous one.

can you tell me an example please?

So you want to say read 1 and write it back out 4192 when it changes?

i want to read 8192 and write 4196 in the same item ( 4196 is write adress , 8192 is read adress for my API )

Any way you can use two items, one for read and one for write? I don’t think you can do that with the same item.

It is for light, if I use 2 items the command switch will be always OFF even if the light is ON.
So to switch OFF the light I need to switch ON the item, it is not really visual.
Do you think that the devollopper of the binding can add this functionnality?