Modbus does not release lock file for failed serial

Looks like bug.
Yesterday I disconnect my usb modbus serial dongle from OH LXC and after several hours found that LXC totally stuck with “To many open files” limit (1048576). After some investigation I found that a huge number open files for openhab user pointed to /run/lock/tmp**. Looks like modbus bound does not release some kind of lock after can’t connect to serial port

Yes. There has been some work on this. Your version? If not 3.1, try that.


Alternative is to use a different serial port provider. Rxtx/nrjavaserial is known to have troubles with locks. I made a serial provider based on purejavacomm which works well with zwave binding. If you are up for a test I will pull links to binaries I posted somewhere else.

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Sorry, this is my “production” env and I does not have sandbox for now

I use it in my production since August with zwave binding since my deployment environment did not work with rxtx / nrjavaserial. I use custom operating system build which is not based on any major linux distro.
Anyhow, download link is embedded in this post: Z-Wave USB stick not working after OH 3.1 update - #14 by splatch.