Modbus Item issue


Just set up a Raspberry Pi 3 and installed Openhab 2.4.
I need help with to visualise values in habpanel from a plc connected via Modbus tcp.
The connection is up and running i see it in paperUI and the plc it reads the correct register (166)
But then I cant get it as an “items” and pick it up in habpanel, what is it that I miss?


You’ll need to make a data Thing, as described in the bindings docs.

That will make available channels, one of which you can link to an Item that you create.

Thanks for the reply Rossko57.
I Will look in to it tonight.

Sorry but i´m stuck, I don´t understand what to do from the Bindings docs.
In Paper UI I made a “Modbus data” in “Brigdge selection” I choose the “modbus Tcp slave” even tried the “regular poll” that is connected to the PLc.
Is it possible to do this in Paper UI?
I only get configuration error…

Okay, we cannot see what you are doing, but let’s try. Of course you can do this with PaperUI.

You’ve set up a TCP bridge Thing, that should have parameters pointing at your PLC - IP address and so on.

Then you set up a poller Thing. As part of setting that up, you should have chosen a “parent” bridge thing for it - that would be your TCP bridge.
You should also have chosen which registers to poll, what type, etc. You seem to want just one register 166 of a mystery type.
You’ve probably got this correct, as PeperUI shows your thing online.
If it’s wrong, you’ll be getting error messages in openhab.log - have you looked?

You can set up several pollers, polling different types and groups of registers from one TCP bridge.

Next you set up a data Thing. Again, you need to choose a “parent” thing - but this time it will be one of the poller bridges.
Your data thing also needs settings to address the wanted register(s), and what type it is. The target register needs to be a part of the range or block of registers of the parent poller.
If you want openHAB to write to this register, you’ll also need write settings.

This is probably messed up, like PaperUI says it is.
We can’t see your settings.
There are probably useful messages in openhab.log

Obviously you can have many data things for each poller.

Thanks Rossko,
Now it works, my big mistake was just to read one Register as test. After a set up more register I could find that it was also an offset.

Many thanks for your patience.