Modbus poller names


In a things file for the modbus binding all the poller names have to be unique, or just within the device scope?


I experimented with that; all poller Thing IDs (names) must be unique.

Note, that so must data Thing IDs be unique

For your own sanity, you probably want to devise your own hierarchal naming convention

Bridge modbus:tcp:slave99 [ host="", ... ] {
    Bridge poller poll99_20 [ start=20, ...] {
        Thing data holding99_20 [ readStart="20", ... ]
        Thing data holding99_22 [ readStart="22", ... ]
    Bridge poller poll99_40 [ start=40, l... ] {
        Thing data holding99_40 [ readStart="40", ... ]

I give meaningful names like Front_Room_Temperature to Items, and stick to modbus address related names for my things.