Modbus Siemens Climatrix

i have difficulties adjusting the modbus. the device is a siemens climatix controller and when i check the modbus tcp with the modpoll i get the following values

modpoll -m tcp -t 3 -r 50 -c 10 -1 192.168.xx.yy

Protocol configuration: MODBUS/TCP, FC4
Slave configuration…: address = 1, start reference = 50, count = 10
Communication…: 192.168.xx.yy, port 502, t/o 1.00 s, poll rate 1000 ms
Data type…: 16-bit register, input register table
– Polling slave…
[50]: 158
[852]: 507
[853]: 508
[120]: 514

How do I have to make the correct settings?

You’ll need to install the Modbus binding.

Then you’d create a TCP Bridge Thing, and add your target IP address and so on to that.

Then you’d create a poll Bridge Thing, and configure a range of registers you would like to poll, by start address and by type.

If those mysterious [numbers] that you show are register addresses, you may need more than one poller. Modbus limits you to a hundred or so in one poll.

Then for any individual registers you are interested in, you create data Things described each address and howe you would like to interpret it.

You may create and link Items to your data Things, for use in your UI and your rules.

You can do this in PaperUI or by editing xxx.things files. Have a go, and we’ll help you with any snags.

thanks for the instructions.
I have now done the configuration via file and unfortunately I do not get any values in the control panel

here my settings
Bridge modbus:tcp:localhostTCP [ host=“192.168.xx.yy”, port=502, id=1 ] {

Bridge poller holding [ start=50, length=10, refresh=1000, type=“holding” ] {
Thing data holding50 [ readStart=“50”, readValueType=“int16”, writeStart=“50”, writeValueType=“int16”, writeType="holding ]
have I forgotten an important detail?

What does your openhab.log tell you? Seems to enough there to poll, which may get revealed by twinkly lights on your equipment.

In your first post, you mentioned "FC4’ without explanation.
Modbus Function Code 4 is for "input’ type registers, so perhaps you meant to poll input not holding?

You won’t get any visible data unless you link Items to your channels. If you do have Items, what does your events.log tell you?

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i did it, your guess was correct, the types were wrong.

    Bridge poller input50 [ start=40, length=20, refresh=1000, type="input" ] {
        Thing data do6 [ readStart="49", readValueType="int16", writeStart="49" , writeValueType="bit" , writeType="coil ]

how can I adjust the value, it shows me 118°C temperature

What sort of adjustment would you like, and to what value?
The binding docs include examples of using readTransform for scaling.

I want to change the value from 118 to 11.8

Okay, you can use readTransform to divide by 10
Remember you’ll need to install the javascript transformation add-on

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