Modbus TCP binding ready for testing

I’ve created Openhab 2 binding to handle modbus tcp connections. It use 2 bridges - one for tcp connection defininition and another one for register pool definition. Something like this:

Bridge modbus:tcp:tcp1 {
Bridge slave main [length=3, type="coil"] {
Thing endpoint sw1
Thing endpoint sw2 [read=6]
Bridge modbus:tcp:tcp2 [port=503] {
Bridge slave main [length=2, type="holding"] {
Thing endpoint num1

Handles switch, contact and number items. I’ve made a quick check and it works with coils and holding registers. What are my next steps to make it available for wider audience (I am not a big fan of gitlab)

What are the main differences between the openhab 1 binding?

well… architecture i guess. pretty much the difference between openhab 1 and openhab 2

i am very interested in that plugin but for input registers
( modbus function 4)

Ok, what’s the best way to make it public? I am really awkward with git

BTW, are u interested in INPUT (func 0x3) or HOLDING (func 0x4)?


Any news about modbus for OH2 ? Im very interest in testing.