Modbus TCP

I try to read many registers from my modbus meter via modbus TCP, i don´t know what i forgot to write in the code ro what i do wrong, i hope anybody can help me
my .items

Number Input1500Float32            "Input registers 1500-1501 as float32 [%.1f]"    { channel="modbus:data:localhostTCP:inputRegisters:input1500:number" }
Number Input1502Float32            "Input registers 1502-1503 as float32 [%.1f]"    { channel="modbus:data:localhostTCP:inputRegisters:input1502:number" } 

my .things

Bridge modbus:tcp:localhostTCP [ host="", port=502, id=2 ] {

    Bridge poller inputRegisters [ start=2, length=4, refresh=1000, type="input" ] {
        Thing data input1500 [ readStart="0", readValueType="float32" ]
        Thing data input1502 [ readStart="2", readValueType="float32" ]

my .sitemap

Text item=Input1500Float32
Text item=Input1502Float32

if i try it directly in the modbus.cfg than its working good, but i don´t konw how i can read many registers at one time and cut it as float values.

my modbus.cfg (works)


modbus cfg works with modbus binding version 1

Things and channels works with modbus binding version 2

They are not compatible at all, and are configured differently. Choose only one, install only one and remove the other. I’d recommend v2 for new development.

Your poller Thing looks right to read the data in one go. the data Things just define how to interpret the registers - float32 here.

Note that you’ve defined modbus id as 255 in one config and 2 in the other. Only one is correct, 255 usually isn’t allowed in modbus.

try to use start=0. As I understood start and readStart must be starting by the same value.

thanks for the information, you are right i use the modbus binding V1, but how i can install the modbus V2 at the paperUI addons i only find the Modbus V1 version.

Download these two binding (version 2.4.0 I prefer, is working with OH 2.3 too):

and put them into the addon folder. Restart OH and wait a little bit. Then they should be seen in bundle:list at console. Maybe you must install the serial binding too.

i put the jar files in the addon folder and restart the R-Pi but i can´t see it in the PaperUI