I have a systemair ventilation system which supports modbus. As it states in the manual
The unit works as a Modbus slave and complied with MODBUS over serial line specification. It’s RTU and Two wire RS-485.The supported communication parameters are:
9600 Bd or 19200 Bd.
No parity, even parity or odd parity.

So it would be great to get this into openhab for control. The only question for me - i am currently running openhab in the VMWARE ESXi enviroment. So no USB or Serial connections are available. At the same time i see that openhab modbus support is over TCP. I have a raspberry PI with the some cheap USB RS485 adapter (ch341) connected. So i wonder if i can get a working setup with this. Any hints?

I don’t know how to do this myself but I have seen several postings from people talking about a way to share a serial port over the network to another host. Search the forum for zwave, VM, or serial and I’m sure you can find it. Perhaps a Google search will help a well. Good luck!

I’ve got a hint for you:

There are binaries available somewhere on sourceforge, but they are a bit old. Better take the git repo and compile it.


I am trying to hookup my system air hv150 to openhab on rpi these days, I posted a question on how to use the modbus binding on this forum. I will keep you posted how it goes