Model ? Wrong output on pages


I’ve just moved from 2.5 to 3.0 (Stable)
I’m struggeling with setting up the Model.


The groups placed under “Udendørs” is not shown on the “Pages” I am failing to understand why.
Group->Group do not work?
Group->Equiptment seem to work and is displayed correctly on pages.
Group->Point do not seem to work. they are not displayed anywhere unless they are under a subtype of Equiptment.

Am i doing something wrong?

Yes. I recommend reviewing/re-reviewing the Getting Started tutorial for the model: Semantic Model | openHAB

A Group is just a Group. If it doesn’t have a semantic tag it’s not part of the model.

A Group with an Equipment tag is part of the model.

Very rarely would you ever have a Group tagged with a Point tag. Points are the Items that actually have the sensor values or controls to cause stuff to happen.

Pay close attention to the introduction which explains the restrictions of the model.

Thank you for clarifying, missed that part.