Models (configuration files) not loaded after saving

On OH3 v3.2, suddenly the configuration files (items, rules, things,…) are not loaded after saving. The message Loading model 'X' does not appear in the logs any more.
They are only loaded after a service restart.

Any hints?

I know there has been a lot of changes and updates made to file loading since OH 3.2 was released a year ago. The best I think we can offer is to see if the problem persists in OH 3.3 or, even better, OH 3.4 which will be released in a week or so.

Saved from where? Occasionally, editor settings get changed and it is not saving the files remotely (at the OH server). You might check the timestamps.

This started to happen, when I uninstalled the Jython add on…

Doing that at the moment with some stresses on postgresql SQL queries

Yes I checked that. Changing the files locally does not trigger the reload.