Modifying Autelis Binding

Hi there,

I installed openhab2 on a pi and configured the Autelis Binding. It connects fine with my Autelis Suntouch controller.

I realized the Openhab binding is missing an item for the Solar temperature “soltemp” (see item on the XML below). How can I modify my local configuration to show the Solar temperature on the UI?

Thanks in advance!


PS: here is the response to http://autelis-controller-ip/status.xml


The docs would appear to indicate the binding does not support the soltemp property for the Pentair controller.

Hard to tell, since this particular doc doesn’t actually document much of anything.

If so, then you can’t do what you’re trying to do without modifying the binding itself.

Right, I am looking for guidance on how to modify the Autelis binding

Just do it?

The code’s easy enough to find.

Just a follow-up, that I filed a pull request in GitHub that was merged and included in the latest OPENHAB release. I upgraded the OPENHAB on my Raspberry pi and now the Solar temperature is showing fine!

So closing this!

Thanks OPENHAB community!


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