Moes HY368 No supported clusters found in OH3

Hi Community,

i just bought a Moes HY368 TRV with Zigbee and connected it via the CC2531EMK stick to OH3. It also has detected 20 channels automatically. However, the created thing returns:

No supported clusters found

I was browsing a little bit through the forum and might need your input to the following questions:

  1. could this be problem with the CC2531EMK and its firmware?
  2. can i run zigbee2mqtt on the same device(Rpi 3+) where OH3 is installed?
  3. would you rather flash the HY368 with an alternative firmware?

If option 2 ist posssible, i guess this would be the easiest solution, correcct?

Any feedback is highly appreicated.

I did not tag this to try and avoid a war among your options. There are sting personal opinions. I am tagging @chris for Zigbee binding assistance.

He will likely want to see DEBUG logs as stated in the binding documentation.

Hi @Bruce_Osborne ,

thank you for your reply. I dint want to start a bigger discussion, rather having some learnings shared from other and how they approached it.
i have attached a log based on the documentation to this post. Maybe @chris
can have a look at it.

Cheerschange.log (10.0 KB)

It may take a couple of days since he it a little busy right now.

No worries l! Thank you anyway for spending time and effort.

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The log viewer may help you interpret the logs. EDIT Corrected link. - Was wrong viewer


Thanks! I might try this as well.

Hi, did you managed to fix it?
I’m having the same problem on a Sonoff Zbbridge flashed with Tasmota.