MongoDB persistence error "can't serialize class java.time.ZonedDateTime"

I’m using OpenHAB 3 with MongoDB persistence in Windows, with Zulu JDK. When calling the API REST persistence/items/{itemname} I get error 500

“{“error”:{“message”:“can\u0027t serialize class java.time.ZonedDateTime”,“http-code”:500,“exception”:{“class”:“java.lang.IllegalArgumentException”,“message”:“can\u0027t serialize class java.time.ZonedDateTime”,“localized-message”:“can\u0027t serialize class java.time.ZonedDateTime”}}}”

Any idea?

Thanks in advance.


Looks like a bug. You should file an issue on the MongoDB add-on which I think is in the openhab-addons repo.

Which Transformation did you install?
I installed:

Like this it works for me.

I install the same transformations but still getting the same error

What do you have in the regional settings? Did you try to change that?

This is my regional setting. I try changing it to (GMT) Europe/London but still get the same error

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