Monitor voltage and current using openhab

how to measure voltage,current,and power and monitor them using openhab ?

What device do you want to measure? There’s not a lot of information to go on here.

One option:

You could use ESPs with sensors communicating e.g. via MQTT with OH.
List of ESP / ESPeasy compatible sensors:

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This is not a Smart Home research service. What devices have you found that may work for you? There is a big difference between measuring fir one device and measuring for a whole house.

i’m working on something like " smart laboraory " , so i’m trying to make a smart voltage sensor that can read voltage and monitor it on a mobile phone using openhab ( through mqtt ) .

that what i thought about . but i have some obstacles :

  • the circuit of the sensor and esp
  • the program that would be loaded on esp
  • config of openhab ( things , items , rules )
    any help about that ??

Shelly 3 EM can be implemented using MQTT or the Shelly binding in openHAB

Everything should be explained on the link that was shared earlier

a subset of supported sensors is shown on the letscontrolit page

described on the letscontrolitpage e.g. espeasy

apart of MQTT configuration I would not expect extra things/items


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ok i’ll try it . many thanks

Lots of devices, such as outlets/plugs, “smart devices” like Sonoff POW etc… Most are Tuya compatible and can be reflashed with something which works with MQTT.
From there, its just a matter of setting up MQTT and openhab2.

All depend on what you need for interface/measure!

i already have a sonoff switch flashed with tasmota firmware , and i could control it using openhab . but for reading and monitoring voltage i want to make the whole work ( circuit , programming , and configuration to openhab ) not a pre-manufactured one ( because it is for a research work not for just use ) .

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