Monitor voltage using openhab

i’m working on something like " smart laboraory " , so i’m trying to make a smart voltage sensor that can read voltage and monitor it on a mobile phone using openhab ( through mqtt ) .

my imagination is to use a voltage sensor with esp8266 module communicating e.g. via MQTT with OH.

i need any help about :

  • the circuit diagram of the sensor and esp
  • the program that would be loaded on esp
  • config of openhab ( things , items , rules )

help please

see the other thread.
When I did my thesis work I did the complete research/development on my own.
Not sure if I even already had internet access at that time. At least not for the research/development part.

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Use one of these, and flash it with Tasmota (Google it). That’s your first two demands (esp+sensor, firmware) finished.

When you’ve got those done, then come back with your attempts at integrating into openHAB and we can help.

Please don’t open multiple threads on the same topic.

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