Monitoring openHAB using openHAB

Hi there,

for reliability/availability purposes I think of monitoring OH2 … with OH2.

I have actors / sensors in the greenhouse, but OH runs on a linux machine in the house. And the idea of orchids frozen to death is not nice.

Communication may fail, hardware may fail, software may fail, OH2 will of course not fail. :wink:

  • Check IP availability of machine OH is running on – possible

  • Figuring out if OH2 runs?

  • If it runs properly?

Smart takeover with a redundant OH2 when something fails?

Has anybody done something nice already?

Regards, Uwe

Typically you don’t want to monitor something with itself. Here is an excellent way to monitor an OH instance.

There have of course been thoughts along these lines before - example

Often, a blocker would be connectivity of the peripheral parts to the system host; maybe there is a unique controller as with zwave.

My own approach is a backup strategy. Replace host with any old laptop at a push.
All my peripherals are IP connected via various gateways, nothing is wired/wireless direct to the host.
Also designed in resilience - in case of host or network failure, of course lighting automation is lost. But there are still functional wallswitches.

If we apply the design-in principle here, you might choose thermostats that independently (locally) control the heaters. Openhab can add cleverness by adjusting setpoints, or working vents, alerting about faults,or whatever.
But if OH is lost, essential services continue to function at a basic level.