Monitoring overall status

Occasionally I run into a problem with all of my zwave devices becoming unresponsive. According to the Things list they go offline or the bridge is unreachable. Can’t recall exactly what it says at the moment.

I see the same behavior after a reboot when the /run/lock file is not writable by the openhab group. a quick “chmod g+w /run/lock” always fixes that. But when this happens outside of a reboot the /run/lock file is fine. So far the only quick fix is to restart openhab.

What I’m looking for is a way to prevent this. But an accurate way to monitor for this and fix it automatically would be good too. A cronjob to check for status and if the things aren’t responding restart the service.

openhab 3.4.0~S3193
Rocky Linux 8.7
Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 (ZW090)

UNIX rights don’t change while OH is running.
(as they do for you on reboots, you need to revisit how you have installed your Linux).
If you want anyone to help with your problem, you should provide at least a comprehensive description and a debug level log to show what’s really happening at that time.

This is neither an example nor solution so please change your post’s tagging, and mind the following in future postings. Thanks.

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If you know how to fix it, you can easily automate it with OH:
You can trigger a rule by thing status, therefore you can execute any code in case your bridge or any other thing will go offline.
Have a look at exec binding to run a script on your server

This is something you can trigger a rule off of. See Thing Status Reporting which is a rule template you can install and instantiate a rule which will call a rule you write with a list of all the Things that have gone OFFLINE.

That can give you an alert or execute a script to take remedial actions if it’s one or more of the Zwave Things.

That’s going to take more info. In particular I suspect you’ll want debug logs from the Zwave binding around the time that it goes offline.