Monitoring the control light of gas heating?

my old gas heating sometimes fails, indicated by a control light. Is there any Openhab-supported light sensor which can be easily “attached” on top of the control light and detect this malfunction?
For me this seems to be a standard problem to couple Openhab to old-school analog devices so thers should be solution. But I could not find any.
Any help or hint greatly appreciated.

Hmm, if your pilot light goes out then I would imagine the main flow of gas is automatically shut off also, or at least it should! That automatic shut off is usually controlled by thermocouple that gets heated up by the pilot light, which generates a voltage that keeps the main flow of gas on. Might be possible to put some kind of volt meter detector (Pi or Arduino) on that and then have it “warn” you via OH.

That been said, if that pilot light is going out regularly then you may have a more significant problem and should get it checked out by a professional. My 2 cents.

Thanks Gerry. I would like to have a wireless soultion for optically monitoring the control light. I imagine a kind of Aqara wireless light sensor but not sensitive to ambient light but only the control light.

It’s difficult to optically monitor an indicator light with obscuring its original function. For a warning light like this, that may not be a good idea. Of course you may have to if you can’t/won’t access wiring e.g. its sealed.

Have a look at gizmos that monitor the winky light on electric meters, without breaking seals. (You won’t need pulse counting features, just on/off)

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