Monoprice garage door sensor ALARM/SENSOR switched

I’m sure someone here has seen this, but the oracle (google) isn’t helping.

I’m running OH2, and it successfully added my garage door sensor, but when the door goes up and down, the BURGLER ALARM is the output that changes, not the BINARY SENSOR (while watching the paper UI)…
The sensor was reported correctly in OH1.

Is this an issue with the XML file?


Please provide a debug log, and also a link to the device in the database and I’ll have a look…


I wonder if I’m having the same issues as you and had posted here as well in not getting my Monoprice Garage Door Tilt Sensor to report either the Status or the Battery State.

Are you getting the proper Open/Closed state in OH2?

My device is identified as a Garage Door Tilt Sensor, but I did see their are no specific Monoprice Devices in the Database.

I could upload my XML file from OH2 for it if that is helpful?

My Monoprice Garage Tilt Sensor is Identified as this one in the database.

And i uploaded my XML as well, but it said was a duplicate.

Anyone ever solve this? I just got one and it doesn’t seem to be recognized by openhab2. I have unknown. I trigger it, etc…nothing ever shows up in debug log. It has a node ID on the controller, but stays unknown in openhab2.

After a while playing with it I got it this far:
As you can see it still says Unknown? Does this mean not in database or does it mean still needs time to interrogate?

The device is in the database and mine is working fine.

What I know I had done was to have the sensor in my hand with the cover off, and then to press the switch (button inside) to wake it up.

And then also manually turned it a few times to simiulate the door opening. It tooks a few try’s but the device did wake up.

I think also I did have to delete the Think out of Habmin and then ‘rescan’ it back in and it showed correctly the second time.

Thanks Paul.

Yeah i had to move it next to the controller to actually get it on there and do what you said.