Monoprice z-wave plus wall socket with 2usb

I am new to OH, I just have finished the setup of the system and I have an android app with 1 connected dimmer. The system is working fine and I have a basic understanding how this thing works.

I am located in US and I used a deal at slickdeals and purchased 3 monoprice socket wall sockets. The price was good, z-wave network so it should work - I thought. My OH2 PaperUI cannot find this device. I am surprised because Z-Wave devices - as I read - are super easy to manage and there are no issues with them.

Does anyone have this monoprice device paired with OH2?
Please advise.


Check the database if your device is supported:

Well I checked and it is not on the list. If it was on the list I assume it would be plug and play device. That’s why I am asking if anyone has it connected.

Can you confirm the device is paired with your Zwave Controller? Does OH2 find the device and just report it as Unknown?

If OH2 is not seeing the item to add, then that likely means the device is not paired to your Zwave controller.

It is not paired and I don’t know how to pair this particular device. When I click scan available items or whatever button it is (I don’t have access to my OH2 now) it says nothing to add and I can add it manually but I don’t know how to add it :confused:

What brand/model is your Z-Wave gateway? Can you confirm you have something like this?

I have exactly this one. Again - gateway is working fine because I was able to setup a single dimmer. I have problem with this Monoprice device.

I think the answer is within your earlier statement about

You absolutely won’t see it in OH until it is paired with the controller. From what it looks like online at the monoprice documentation ( The button to pair it to the controller is on the bottom of the device. The instructions for inclusion into your z-wave network (pairing) is on page 5 of that URL/PDF. After you pair/include it with your controller, OH will be able to see it.

And after you successfully paired it you need to add your device to the database so it leaves the “unknown device” state:

Just because the name/brand doesn’t show as listed doesn’t mean the actual manufacturer device ID of the unit isn’t already compatible… but you will never know until the device is included/paired to the controller. :slight_smile:

Where on earth did you see this? Super Easy is not something I’d normally associate zWave with… Maybe if you stick to one vendors device/controller/software, but there’s no way I’d use words like easy to use or reliable in conjunction with zWave.

I have this same device (5 actually) and I had to pair it directly with my usb z-wave stick. Then it showed up for me in HABmin. What Z-wave gateway do you have? I use the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 and need to hold down a button close to the device, then hold down the button on the device itself to pair.

Oh… I have not paired it, lame…
Now it is working fine :slight_smile:

I wonder why I have so many channels available, like dimming. Anyway, it is working fine

Thanks for you time guys!

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