More ide binding isues

If I put a breakpoint in the activate() of my service, I can clearly see that its starting, but without me changing anything, its now now showing up in the search of the UI,

Also, when it did run, if JSONException was in the code, the service didnt load.

Not looking for a solution (although that would be nice) but more a point in the right direction. Im finding the whole process of developing for Openhab2 tiresome and frustrating, and I code for a living!! (although not in java)

Many thanks to anyone who can help.

Without knowing your code, it is very difficult to be of any help.
Please post a link to your github fork so we can have a look at your issue.

Offer to look appreciated, but I think Im actually stating to get the feel for the language and IDE.
Ive found my issue, but not the solution!

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/json/JSONException

This is in the build path, so Im not sure where I should look next.

It works!
I would love to post a solution for others, but I changed so many settings, im not sure which actually cured the issue.
I think it was… select the project, right click, select import, import archive file, select your problem .jar

The final piece of the puzzle, is how to pass parameters to the discovery service.
so far, I have created a .cfg file containing


anyone know if this format is correct? If so, how do I access these setting from within my discovery service?