More Zwave silliness

Does anyone know why when using a manual wall switch , OH2 does not update the item state as being on? I can turn it on/off just fine using OH2 but for some reason the UI/state is not updating. My understanding, which clearly is wrong, is that the lifeline and switch mode are all that is required.

Item shows off, when its clearly on. Or, does Parameter 80 need to be set to Basic CC?

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You would need to give more details such as the device type and zwave log for someone to answer this.
Typically if you flip the switch then the device sends a status message to OH. Debug if it does and if so if that results in an event.
Yes thereโ€™s devices that you can (and need to) configure to send status in a specific format. Why donโ€™t you just change your parameter for a test ?

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As @mstormi points out, knowing the device type is very important. Many older devices did not send immediate status updates, as those manufacturers didnโ€™t want to license the patent that covered this functionality. See my post here.

I think this is the patent.

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