Most Mature Alarm System Binding

I’m about to ‘link’ my legacy ADT installed system, which is the Safewatch Pro 3000EN to my running OpenHAB server instance to do all the cool things that are possible once OpenHAB is receiving the signals from the Safewatch Pro sensors. I’m currently considering going with one of the Alarm Decoder, Konnected or Envisalink boards. My question is which, of all the alarm system bindings, is the most mature within OpenHAB ecosystem? Are there other options besides the three I mentioned?

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Any developments/news with this? I also have an ADT system already installed in the house (multiple door/windows sensors, PIRs, …). The systems is about 15 years old and for sure the electronics are outdated. The switches/sensors however could be given a new life … The system I have is based on the Safewatch Pro 3000.

I ended up going with a and I just got it in a couple days ago and I’ll be wiring up in the next couple weeks. I’ll post here my impressions once I get the Alarm Decoder binding up and running and get a feel for how well things work.

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Just saw this thread and it looks like you’ve already made a decision, so this reply is really for any others out there working on a similar project…there have been so many who have posted information that has helped me, so maybe this will help someone else.

Last year I moved into a house with an existing ADT system. The documentation calls it a 3000EN, but it appears to be based on a Vista20p alarm board. I already had an envisalink (EVL-3) from my previous house and it works with the Vista20p. However, I ran into obstacles attempting to integrate with openhab. The DSC alarm binding is only for DSC alarms and the alarm decoder binding requires specific equipment different than the EVL-3.

So, here’s how I got around this…

I found some python code written by MattTW called Honey Alarm Server ( It is written in Python 2, but it integrates with Vista20p and EVL-3. It includes a simple webserver interface that can be used to arm/disarm and see zone status. The author included some example plugins for various home automation projects (openhab was not one of the them).

I’m not a programmer, but using the provided examples I managed to cobble together an openhab plugin that interacted with the honey alarm server code and used PUT commands to update openhab items through the Rest API. I installed the exec binding and can arm/disarm through openhab switches as well.

I run openhab on a raspberry pi zero, so I just installed the Honey Alarm Server software on the pi zero and configured so that it is initiated on system startup.

Admittedly, there is a learning curve to set this up, but it may offer an alternative to someone attempting to integrate openhab, EVL-3 and a Vista20p. It has been awhile since I set this up and I didn’t document all the steps, but if anyone is trying to do this, I’d be happy to try to answer questions to assist.

Hey Vinam
Any news on this? I am interested to do project to help us use the alarm system via Openhab witha focus initially on arm and disarm but later to use the motion and presence detection to control recording on Blue Iris.