Motion Detector


Complete beginner here.
I bought a burglar alarm recently and I have 8x PIR detectors that aren’t in use.
I was wondering if I can somehow use these to turn on/off my LED which is binded to Openhab2?

Thanks in advance.


What protocol do the PIR sensors use communicate? I have some Z-Wave PIR sensors that work fine.

I believe it could be Z Wave however not really sure on how to set this up on Myopenhab. Ive installed the wave binding to openhab but its not recognising anything.

Myopenhab cloud service is not needed for Z-Wave. You do need a Z-Wave coordinator though. Many people use a USB stick.

Z-Wave is region-specific due to regulations. Where are you located?

Ok Thanks for the advice and the UK

What hardware & OS are you using to run openHAB?

Our developer @chris is in the UK. He should be able to recommend a stick.

What are the PIR make and model? There are a lot of possibilities here, from wired to proprietary secure wireless comms.

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I have a raspberry pie 3 and running openHAB2 if that helps! Also not sure what model the detectors are but I have a picture of them so you guys can get an idea!