Motion sensor - multi sensor

I am on search for a multi sensor, mainly I need motion, but temperature would also be nice.

So far I have came across:
Monoprice Cons: hard to get in Europe
Phillips: Cons: Only motion
So I am down to these two:
or zw100

Does it integrate with phuillips hue bridge 1 as zwave controller, has anyone suceeded implementing it into openhab?

The last one seems to be OK with OH , but which zvawe bridge do I need to get or can use the hue1 bridge?

I’m using zw100 with aeotec zstick gen5 and OH and it works without problems. One think to mention is that when zw100 is powered with batteries, the sensors reports, other than motion, are sent only on specified time intervals, not when the sensor value changes. If that is not a problem for You i would recommend this.

I figured out that the HUE motion sensor has built in temperature as well(So only humidity is missing compared to zw100) so I guess I will go for the hue motion sensor then.