Motion sensor that can use WIFI or RJ45?

Hi All

I have a set of stairs that are far from the house. At the start of the stairs is a junction box with ethernet and power available. I’d like to somehow trigger the lights (which are on ZWave) using a motion sensor but the location of the motion sensor is too far (way too far) for something that’s ZWave.

Does anyone have any suggested solutions? I COULD use an outdoor AP to provide WIFI to the area but even then I dont know of any WIFI motion sensors.


Any possibility to add a main powered zwave device in between to act as a relay in the zwave mesh?

Unfortunately not Vincent, the power is RIGHT at the start of the steps and too far from the house.

Hi Dastrix80
I have bit of similar situation, what I have done is to use IR beam sensors, can be powered with 12V, I used ethernet cable to power it up using two of twisted pairs, and one pair is feedback (com, out) coming back to tasmota device (in my case D1mini). So whenever the beam is triggered when someone crosses it, D1 mini sends MQTT msg to my Openhab and which you can use in rules to trigger any lightings or scenes !

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Hi Kapil

That’s a nice solution. Can you link me to the 12V IR Beams you used? RE: The Sonoff, I could use a Sonoff Basic I guess. What was the switchmode topic/switchmode etc you used with the IR sensor? I would then obviously need WIFI up there though for the Sonoff

The rules bit is the easy bit! I like it :slight_smile:

Could an Airgate be used instead to just provide WIFI to the sonoff?

for IR beams I got it from ebay

two wires coming back from receiver side goes to GND and D1 pin (or Gpio14 or RX in sonoff basic).
In tasmota I have defined pin as Switch1, with swithchmode 1. In beam sensors relay config is NC, so that swtich is always on. topic would be stat/sonoff/POWER reading output as ON and OFF. so in rules when it says item so and so (sonoff) received update OFF… sendcommand to your lights !
I have placed my D1 mini inside my home from where I am running ethernet cable all the way to outdoors, so it’s within my home wifi network, if you can do that then there is no need for separate AP !

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Thanks Kapil. That’s really useful :slight_smile:

you are welcome :slight_smile:

You could consider adding a separate Z-Wave controller at the stairs (separate Z-Wave network), for instance with a Raspberry Pi 3 and a Z-Wave USB stick.

There are several options to send commands across openHAB instances, e.g. MQTT.

Thanks but its too complex, managing one ZWave instance is more than complex enough. Let alone two! :slight_smile: