Mount point for USB stick on router for Amanda backup

I’m in the process of setting up Amanda backup using a target on a USB stick on the router on the same LAN. The Amanda instructions state that the mount point must be local so I’m assuming I need to put a line in /etc/fstab to map a local mount point to the remote USB (which is a 32GB ext3 file system).

The file system on the router for the USB device is /mnt/ext3_backup.

How can I map the USB file system in fstab please?

That should be listed in your router documentation. Otherwise, perhaps they have a support forum.Otherwise, some on Amanda support forums may have solved something similar.

Mounting a filesystem from an unknown router to , I assume, a Linux system is not really an OpenHAB issue.

Thanks. I did find this on the forum so posting here in case it might help someone.

Does your router support NFS mounts though? I suspect some may only support SMB.

Yes, its an Asus RT-AC66U and it supports NFS exports (which I’ve set as /mnt/EXT3_BACKUP controlled by an access list in which I’ve included the Pi IP address that is running OpenHAB.

Yay, information! That may have been useful to have included in your original question.