Move offline installation

Hi There,
I’m new in the board so hello to everyone :slight_smile:
I’ve been running openhab now for quite a while already and also moved from openhab 1 to version 2 some month ago. While installing openhab 2 i’ve done an offline installation which means, i’m not getting updates by the package manager.
As i’m not too familiar with all this, my question here, is there a chance to move this installation to a packet-manager controlled to benefit from the regular updates without “reinstalling” openhab?
Maybe you can give me your thoughts on this…
thanks a lot

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Linux/Debian
    • openHAB version:2.x

Consider using the openhabian distribution. Beside the regular updating it comes with some other very usable tools and features:

  • Samba-configuration to enable file-based remote access to OH configuration
  • Working backup & restore scripts for OH configuration an data
  • Logtail as a web-UI for OH logfiles

The bindings and core of OH are all updated and released together as a unit. Whether you are running offline or online, if you are on 2.2. release then you already have the most recent released version of OH and all the bindings (from last December I think).

If you want something more recent you should switch to the SNAPSHOT repo and install the 2.3 SNAPSHOTS. There is a new version every day there, but there again you must upgrade the whole package including all your bindings and the core.

tl;dr you are not missing out on updates after having chosen offline for the bindings.

In rare circumstances, one may need to run a SNAPSHOT version of a particular binding on an older core. This is not always possible as there are changes made to the core of OH that render the bindings no longer backwards compatible. But when it is possible, you need to uninstall the old binding, download the SNAPSHOT jar file for the binding, and then drop it into the addons folder and cross your fingers.