Move OH from C:/ to D:/ Windows

Hi everyone is it possible to move OH’s main folder so it can run from and write to a different drive my c drive gets busy sometimes this seems to make OH freeze (maby OH freezing is unrelated)

I did try to copy the main folder the karaf would not start so im not sure if this is possible

any thoughts

openHAB should start from wherever it was unzipped. It may be that there are default paths which have to be changed in configuration.
Please ensure that no spaces appear in the path, so best practice is
D:\openHAB2\, not "C:\Program Files\openHAB2\"

My OH was originally unzipped in the c:/ drive

I’m not sure about the configuration parts

I moved it to D:/openhab2 when using the start. Bat it lunches for a second most and instantly closes

How about unzipping openHAB2 again (now to D:\openHAB2\)?
Give it a quick test (let it startup and chose expert for feature-full installation)

After that move the configuration files to the new folders.
While doing that, take a short look in every file if there are references to C:\.

My rules are text files but the rest of my system was made using paper ui so a move may not be that simple

I had issues moving a previously unzipped and running version of OH on my C drive to another drive.

I spent a couple of hours looking for where the mapping could be stored and wound up installing a fresh version of OH on the second drive and migrating all of my setting over to the new installation.

If you determine what needs to be changed, please post it back here so we have a reference to follow.


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Could it be stored in the registry

No, all non-text configurations are also stored in human readable files. See here:

Please keep in mind, that there is no “Windows openHAB version” at all, but openHAB can be executed without any changes from different platforms. Of course there are a few settings in configuration files, which will differ, when it comes to folders and paths, and there is a start.bat for Windows instead of for unix-like systems, but this is only for startup.

i will have a look see if i can find whats stopping it from running im planning on trying to move all my paperui created things and items to text based files soon this would make it easier to just move