Moving Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5 & Schlage Lock to new RPi 3B OpenHAB 2.5.2-1 system

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RPi 3B
    • OS: OLD: Raspian Lite Stretch
      NEW: Raspian Lite Buster updated to Feb. 2020 running on an 80GB USB HDD
    • Java Runtime Environment: zulu-embedded-8 (Zulu Embedded (build 1.8.0_152-b76) )
    • openHAB version: 2.1 moving to 2.5
    • Issue of the topic: Moving Zwave Stick from Rpi 3B OpenHAB 2.1 to new RPi 3B system with fresh install of OpenHAB 2.5.2-1

I had installed OpenHAB 2.1 a few years back on an RPi 3B, under Raspian Wheezy and had an Aeotec Z-Stick working with my one and only Zwave device, a Schlage Lock. For various reasons, the system has been down for some time.

I decided to create a new system, with a fresh install of Raspian Lite Buster on another RPi 3b. I’ve been following the installation instructions for 2.5, including figuring out that I need the Zulu package zulu-embedded-8 when it couldn’t find zulu-8 given in the install example on the Zulu website. You might clarify that under the directions for the Zulu install.

I’m planning on moving the Z-Stick to the new system, once I research what it was that I did a few years ago to get it working since I don’t remember the steps.

My question is, is there anything I need to do, to insure a smooth transition of the Zwave lock to the new system? I vaguely remember setting up a security key between the Z-Stick and the lock.

I’m wondering if that’s still stored in the Z-Stick, and if the new install of 2.5 can use that or is there something I need to do to reset the Lock and the Z-Stick to generate a new key? So far, I haven’t moved the Z-Stick over to the new system, or started OpenHAB after the installation. I’m wondering if there is anything I need to do before plugging the Z-Stick into the new system and starting OpenHAB 2.5 for the first time.

It’s been quite awhile since I played with Debian and OpenHAB so I’m back to stumbling around as a beginner.


Are you using a fresh configuration? There have been many changes since 2.1. It is likely best to use your old configuration as a guide to build from new.

@chris can inform better but I think you will need to have issues with your secure lock. You may need to reset and include again. I seem to remember the security key is not kept on the controller.

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If you are taking the same stick and migrating it across, then in general things should work fine. However, as @Bruce_Osborne points out, the lock will have issues unless you copy over the key. This is stored in the controller thing in openHAB (not on the stick) so you need to copy this across to the configuration in your new system or the lock will not work.

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Thanks for clarifying things Chris.


At it turns out, I thought I’d update the old system first which is Jessie. In doing so, and doing an apt-get update && apt-get upgrade, I didn’t realize it would not only bring Raspian Jessie current but it also updated the OpenHAB 2.1 to 2.5.2. Oops. LOL.

I didn’t realize that the key was stored in the controller so thank you for that tip! I’ll make sure to make a copy of it. I also found there is backup software for the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. Not sure what that backs up.

So far, everything works including the BE469 Touchscreen Lock and I’m delighted with and exploring the newly added bindings to 2.5.2.

I don’t remember if I ever used “openhabian-config” when I first installed OpenHAB2 but I tried it now and it did help me get the WiFi working. I’m planning on going through and seeing what also it can do.

So far, with everything working on the old Jessie system, I’m not sure if there’s any benefit to or if it’s even practical to attempt to upgrade Jessie to Buster.

For now, I’ll add OpenHAB2 to the new Buster system, try moving over the controller, bringing along the key and see how that works. I’m glad I can move the stick between systems.

Thanks you guys!

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