Moving entire Ubuntu install to new machine

So when i first started using openhab i installed it on an older laptop to run my smarthome system.
I have expanded from just openhab to several other things that is running from the same laptop. But recently i came across a cheap xeon server and thought i would migrate to that. The problem is, i cant simply remove the hdd from the laptop and chuck it in the xeon machine.

Simply, because the laptop hdd has a stupid power connector. Needs an adapter to get power from normal power connectors. But i have a spare ssd i can use, so my question is:

Can i completely backup the ubuntu system running all of my stuff and move it to the other ssd?
The laptop does not have any possibilities of connecting a second harddrive, usb hdd would be possible but i do not have that on hand.

Any other ways of doing this?

This is not really a OH issue and a google search will give you several options. To move just OH make a back up and restore it on the new machine after OH is installed.

Something to consider:
Etcher is a good tool for this. You will need to click the gear icon in top right corner and select the option to allow flashing to a hard drive (make sure you select the correct drive e.g. the SSD). You will also need a USB to SATA cord for this.

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I’ve used clonezilla for this - lots of resources and tutorials around the web