Moving from Centos to openhabian

At the moment I am running the latest openhab 2.5.1 installed from repository openHAB-Stable.
As everything in my network is running on the same server (SPOF). I am moving my openhab to a raspberry pi with openHABian.

On my rhel system I ran:

openhab-cli backup --full "OH-`date +%F_%R`"

After openhabian has finished installing, I would like to inplug move my zwave usb-stick to the raspberry pi and then perform a:

openhab-cli restore OH-2020-02-02_17\ 

I hope that will do the trick. Anything else I need to take into account?

Verify the paths to files is the same between both systems. If they are this will work with no issue.

If not you may have to manually place the files from the zip.

You may need to change the serial device path for your USB stick.

Hi @dries_dokter.
I would like to ask you why did you decide to migrate from CentOS to openHABian?
I’m currently planning to migrate from openHABian to CentOS and would like to anticipate any problems.

I’m looking forward to your reply.



Hi Nelson,

There were no Centos related reasons for me to switch. Basically the Centos system I run (it is actually ClearOS) was my server for everything (Webserver, fileserver, nextxloudserver, DNS server, LDAP server etc.) So I made the conscious decision (to avoid SPOF) to move some service to other systems. As I had a few unused raspberry pi’s and read about openhabian ,that seemed like a good choice.

So I am not aware of any Centos specific problems.



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