Moving from fibaro to openhab2

Hi, im very new to openhab.

im running 2x HC2 Fibaro boxes since beginning in 2011 with about 190 devices.

couse of the fibaro firmware update issues in the past years, want to move to openhab now.

on fibaro all programming is made with lua.

on openhab i did first steps, installed z-wave binding and add some devices like wallplugs and motion sensors.
but i cant find any lua support ??

is it right that openhab does not support lua ?? i cant believe
this is the most important feature for me.

i cant find any information on this.

so what is the openhab prefered language for programming ?

Hi, maydo,

it’s Java for the rules and HTML + CSS + JavaScript for the widgets.
To be precicse the whole system of OH is written in Java.