Moving from one zwave controller to another

I want to migrate to a new zwave controller. I understand you can have a secondary zwave controller in a network, and I seem to remember reading somewhere that you can make a secondary into a primary somehow, so I was hoping that I can do something along the lines of:

  • Include my new controller in my existing network.
  • The new controller will magically be a “secondary controller”.
  • The new controller now magically now knows about all of the nodes, so I won’t need to include them again.
  • Backup openhab configuration on my old controller and restore the configuration on my new controller
  • Do something on the new controller to make it become the primary controller.

Both controllers are openhab obviously. The zwave hardware is different so I can’t just unplug a USB stick from one and put it in the other, which I understand would pretty much just work.

I’m hoping that there’s an easy way to do this without having to start from scratch, since it’s taken me some time to get all my zwave devices included and semi operational.

Is my naive plan theoretically possible? Can I do it in openHAB, or do I need some external zwave software?

Or do I see this as an opportunity rather than a problem and say “OK, I’ve learnt a lot, lets start from a nice clean sheet and not be left with any crud from all the mistakes I made” :slight_smile:


Not sure, but this might help.

I’m interested in this myself as well because in the future I’d like to upgrade my Aeon Z-Wave stick to the Z-Wave Plus version and then use the old one in a development/test environment.
So if you figure out how to do this, then please document your steps.

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