Moving from Stable to Snapshot

Hello guys, easy question:
I installed everything on OH2.0.0 stable but I want to move to 2.1 snapshot.
Is this possible?
I tried following the “update” instructions in the documentation but that is just throwing
various errors.



As you do not state any specifics, not sure what system or installation route applies, but here something that hopefully helps

If you use openhapbian, see here:

I am terribly sorry for missing out such important informations.
I have installed OH2 stable on my Windows PC, Win10 64, via offline repo (any other possibilities on windows would be new to me)

Could someone please write me exactly what I have to do to switch from stable to snapshot and (if needed) back to stable?
I find the documentation confusing.

I am using RPI with Raspbian and OH2 in package repository installation.

Hi for Linux at my raspberry i just did the following steps via console - to switch from oh2 stable to snapshot. Its documented under the headline “snapshot release” in here:

For windows - I don´t know.


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Do you know if this applies to Openhabian as well?

Hi, I also have the Openhabian installed and just did the snapshopt update like described on the website - it works for me.

EDIT: But always backup your system before

Thanks, I tend to do a full backup of my SD-card every now and then.

So you mean getting the latest snapshot zip and extracting it to /use/share/openhab2 according to the link above would do the change from stable to snapshot?

So I will be able to update / upgrade to the lasted snapshot versions afterwards (like I did before switching to the stable version)?

There is no other change needed within openhabian?
Sorry, if the answer to this question appears trivial…

Hi no problem - i´m also not an OH2 expert - working with it the last 2 months and i´m really happy with my smarthome now. Just did these steps on my openhabian stable version and it worked for me

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The easiest way would be to do the apt-get thing (not the zip thing). In this way, you will be able to upgrade your snapshot as you used to (apt-get update, apt-get upgrade)

To move from stable to snap, follow the installation instructions of the apt-get snap release.
Basically, 3 steps:
change your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/openhab2/list entry to use the unstable repository (remember to delete or comment out the existing stable repository entry)
apt-get update
apt-get install openhab2

The install command will effectively deploy OH2 snap on top of your existing OH2 stable (assuming that stable was originally installed used the apt method)