Moving Installation from Linux Desktop to Pi

I have been experimenting with openHab2 installation on a Ubuntu Desktop. So far I have been able to successfully bind with a Z-wave sensor and send mail upon motion detection, and control my Chromecast. The experience has been very good so far, considering that I am new to both Linux and OpenHab. More bindings on the way.

I am planning to move the installation permanently to a Raspberry Pi 3. Is it possible to copy/move my config files and user data to Pi seamlessly. without having to go through setup and configuration again? Thanks.

So, assuming that the Pi will be running the exact same release of OH I THINK you can just copy your conf and userdata folders and everything will be fine.

But you may want to try to let the apt-get manage the upgrade for you. In this case:

  1. before installing on the Pi copy the conf (/etc/openhab2) and userdata (/var/lib/openhab2) folders from the Ubuntu to the Pi.
  2. Install using apt-get

Theoretically, the apt-get will upgrade any of the files in userdata that need to be updated in the case where a newer version of OH is being installed on the Pi. This would only be a concern if you are using the SNAPSHOT release.