Moving OH2 MQTT 1.x items to OH3 MQTT and it seems I've hit a OH3 bug

Hi All

Managed to add quite a few MQTT generic items with success and things are working. However, just tried to add another MQTT generic item and it accepts the item through the OH3 UI but then its not visible in the list, nor does the log show anything about the new item.

Rebooted, same issue. Not visible - its like I;ve done it all correctly, but it’s not added.

The other MQTT things are there and working - just not this new one.

The name I used was Attic_Comms_Rack,as the identifer. When I add it as Attic_Comms, it works just fine

Any suggestions?


Just to be clear, it’s a Generic MQTT Thing that is disappearing or it’s an Item created from one of the Thing’s Channels that is disappearing?

I’m not trying to be pedantic but it requires some precision in the use of Thing and Item to understand what you’ve done.

Also, without more details on what you did and from where I can’t offer any suggestions. There are several ways one can add an Item linked to a Channel. From the Channel itself, from the model, from the Items settings page, the REST API, the Karaf Console, .items files, etc.

There is one other user who has reported something that may be similar but I can’t confirm without more details.

Its the actual thing that disappeared or more rightly, wouldn’t appear. It doesnt like double underscores it appears. Maybe try and create a generic thing with such name and see if you can replace it.

Didnt even get to creating channels etc