Moving OpenHAB 2 installations

I have been testing OpenHab on my laptop and once I was ready moved it to my server. The folder locations are not the same, and it seems there are multiple locations where the installation folder is saved. So now I have new folders being created on my server to match the old installation location from my laptop.

What is the best method to move an installation? How do I resolve this?

Laptop is Windows, Server is Linux?

Then copy the content of .\conf\ to /etc/openhab2/.

This is only configuration, but not persistence data, so if you don’t want to lose this data, you will have to copy
more data, content of .\userdata\ to /var/lib/openhab2/

I’m not sure if this would suffice all data.

No, Mac laptop to Mac server. There seems to be some locations remembered in userdata/etc…