Moving properties of items into a seperate OH3.1 UI page?

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Is there a way to move these properties, like energy stats etc and only have the switches/dimmers in the main page as per this screenshot? This is under ‘Locations’, you select a location and it brings up all switches, dimmers, properties etc.

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The Locations, Equipment, and Properties tags are wholly automatically build based on the semantic model. They represent the full semantic model.

If you don’t want something to appear at all, you can use the visibility property in the Item’s “default list Item widget” metadata. But that will hide it on all three tabs. Or you can not put it into the model in the first place of course.

If you want an Item to appear on the Equipment’s tag only, that Item cannot be a member nor a descendent (i.e. it cannot even indirectly be a member though its parent Group) of a Location tagged Group.

Put another way, if you have Equipment or Points that are not put into a Location, they won’t appear on the Locations tab.

I give the following advice when it comes to the semantic model and the overview page’s tabs.

  1. Don’t put everything into the model. Only those Items that users of the home actually care about. My rule of thumb is about 60-80% of all your Items have any business in the model.

  2. Use the visibility property to hide stuff that only you as the admin user cares about but the rest of your users could care less about. Item widgets can be hidden or shown based on what type of user is logged in.

  3. Construct the first tab of the Overview tab to include those controls and sensor readings that are used the most often. 75% of the time your users should never need to navigate away from that tab to tell the house to do something or check up on something.

  4. If you find you are not getting what you want from the semantic model and the auto-generated tabs, don’t use them. They are not required. The autogenerated tabs can be hidden. You have full control over all that gets placed on pages you create yourself. There are lots of good widgets on the marketplace to get you started also.

So I would recommend that instead of trying to massage the model to do what you are after, most of the controls (e.g. light switches, HVAC, etc.) that are commonly used should be represented somehow on the first tab of the Overview page. Only those that are rarely used would need to be clicked through to the Locations or Equipment tab and since they are rarely used, who cares if they are also with a bunch of other rarely used stuff?

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Thanks Rich, ill work through those suggestions!

In this screenshot though, it has a properties tab which is what im looking for - how can I create those tabs to then display info like energy into this tab only?

The Properties tab in a Locations card contains those Point/Property Items that are a member of the Location but not a member of any Equipment.

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Thanks! Thats got it :slight_smile: Now I’ve got it working