Moving Things from OH3 to another OH3 (UI-based)

I’m about to move my OH3-installation from one OH3 to another. Thing is, it’s a whole bunch of Thing-configurations which work for me. I only want that things-configuration and nothing else moved. Is there a way to export a bunch of things and import them to the other OH3?

Do you want them all, or just some of the Things?

If you want them all, you can copy just the org.openhab.core.things.Things.json file from $OH_USERDATA/json to the new system. You might want to delete the links on the Things first (go to the Channels tab for the Thing and there is an option to delete all the links at once) but I don’t think that’s necessary.

If you only want some of them, you’ll need to go to the REST API and query for all the Things and paste that into a text file. Then delete the Things you don’t want from that JSON and copy that file over. I suppose you could just edit the original .json file before you copy it over like I describe above. That would probably be better.

not all, just some of the more complicated ones! :wink: