MP3 wireless chime HM-OU-CFM-TW

Hello Community,

I just try to get my homematic “MP3 Funkgong” working with openhab.
It is successfully paired with homegear and I see it in the paper ui as “Thing”.

Now I want to do some scripting.

I tried this:

But it does not work. The channels in the paper ui look not connected to an item. And there is no reaction on the …sendCommand().

Is there any step missing which I have to do?
Does anyone have a working script what he/she can share?

Thanks a lot for your help!!


Hey my freinds… No idea…?

Nobody here who use the same device successfully?

OK, I helped myself. When I open the more “section” in the paper ui, I found the submit channel.
I defined two string items and bound them two this channel:

String MP3_Gong_Signal "MP3_Signal" {channel="homematic:HG-HM-OU-CFM-TW:xxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxx:1#SUBMIT"}
String MP3_Gong_Ton {channel="homematic:HG-HM-OU-CFM-TW::xxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxx::2#SUBMIT"}

Now I can send commands like described in the artical…

Hi Oliver,
i want to choose the color of the led. Could you explain how to create the item, please?

Hi Michael, interessting! I did not use the LED yet but I made some experiments now.
Based on this ELV thread:

MP3-Funkgong (erst ab FW2.0 möglich) in Scripten verwenden …

Here Herbert_Testmann describes the following encoding of the values:

xxxxxxxxxx kurz lang
Orangexxxxx 49 50
Rot xxxxxxxx 17 18
Grün xxxxxxx 33 34
Pause 2

If you look at these values in binary format you can see that the RGB led seams to be connected to the 3 lower bits of the upper nibble of the byte. So you can calculate your bit values based on this:

0100 0000 = 64 = blue
0010 0000 = 32 = green
0001 0000 = 16 = red
0000 0010 = 2 = long
0000 0001 = 1 = short

Finally you send a “short” LED blink in yellow/orange if you switch on red and green like this (4 times):


I hope that helped!