MPD, OH2 & iOS

I’ve been using MPD binding with OH2 for quite a while now, my configuration follows the official docs and is using Switch items for controlling the player.
It was working fine in all the UIs till the recent iOS update, which started using a different widget for Switches:
“Previous/Next” is really a toggle switch now, so I can’t use “Next” twice.
Is there any way to fix this?

Player item looks relevant, but MPD doesn’t support channels.


Can you paost the simap code, please and the item definition. Thanks


String Mpd_Htpc_CurrentTrack    "Current track [%s]" (HTPC) { mpd="TITLE:htpc:tracktitle" }
String Mpd_Htpc_CurrentArtist    "Current artist [%s]" (HTPC) { mpd="ARTIST:htpc:trackartist" }

String Mpd_Htpc_Command         "Control"       (HTPC) { mpd="stop:htpc:stop, pause:htpc:pause, play:htpc:play" }
Switch Mpd_Htpc_StartStop       "Start/Stop"   (HTPC)  { mpd="ON:htpc:play, OFF:htpc:stop" }
Switch Mpd_Htpc_NextPrev        "Track"   (HTPC)    { mpd="ON:htpc:next, OFF:htpc:prev", autoupdate="false" }
Dimmer Mpd_Htpc_VolumeControl   "Volume [%d%%]"       (HTPC)  { mpd="INCREASE:htpc:volume_increase, DECREASE:htpc:volume_decrease, PERCENT:htpc:volume" }


Text item=Mpd_Htpc_CurrentTrack
Text item=Mpd_Htpc_CurrentArtist
Switch item=Mpd_Htpc_Command icon="player" mappings=["stop"="Stop", "pause"="Pause", "play"="Play"]
Switch item=Mpd_Htpc_NextPrev icon="movecontrol"  mappings=[OFF="Previous", ON="Next"]
Setpoint item=Mpd_Htpc_VolumeControl icon=soundvolume step=1.5

Try changing the On and OFF to strings in the sitemap Switch:

Switch item=Mpd_Htpc_NextPrev icon="movecontrol"  mappings=["OFF"="Previous", "ON"="Next"]

No, doesn’t help.
To clarify: it works fine in PaperUI and Android, only an iOS app uses a widget that doesn’t allow to click the same switch position twice.

Ok, please file an issue on the gitHUB, please

Please try latest beta available on TestFlight

Thanks for the build. Widget still looks the same. Previous acts interesting now: it sends the command, becomes highlighted and then selection slides to the right, e.g. Next becomes selected again on its own. This way I can press Previous multiple times, but can’t use Next at all.
Can include the video if needed.
Build 2.2.50