Mqtt 2.4 Binding publish string

Hi guys,

i’m using the mqtt 2.4 binding to controll and read values from my tuya devices. now i’m trying to set values but i don’t know how to do this.

actions.publish doesn’t work but i don’t know why…

is it possible to send a string from a rule to a channel of a thing?
or is it better to send the string from the rule directly to the mqtt broker?

thanks for help an sorry for my bad english!

Neither do we. Show your work if you want help with it.

You can send a command to an Item from a rule (or UI)
You can link an Item to a channel.
That can be a String type Item with string commands, of course.
This is the usual way to go about it.

Hi, So I have my tuya thermostat on the paper ui with the mqtt 2.4 binding configured as a thing and set up various channels such as temperature and thermostat mode … on the basic ui I get the corresponding values ​​displayed. Now I would like to change the temperature with the setpoint item. that works synonymous, the entprechenden value I have already stored in a variabeln and me a string for the mqtt broker assembled. I just can not manage to publish this string out of the rule. Maybe someone can help me. I post later the code from the rule.

thanks in advance