MQTT 2.4 Binding send's wrong commands, what can i do ? (Type : Rollershutter)

Hello Com,

i have the problem that when i use a thing with mqtt binding, he sends completely wrong commands, not that what he should send. This is what i can see, when i look at mqtt.fx.

For example, this is what im configured under things ::

Thing topic wzlinks “Wohnzimmer li” @ “Wohnzimmer” {
Type rollershutter : WZ_Jalousie_links “Wohnzimmer li” [stateTopic="/JaroFB/LastAction_Channel_01", commandTopic="/JaroFB/set", UP=“up 1”, DOWN=“down 1”, STOP=“stop 1”]

The device should become JaroFB/set up 1. 1 is the Channel Nr. of the Blind.
But what i can see in mqtt.fx is, that the broker becomes the follow command.

JaroFB/set 100, with this, the stick can’t work with it. The same for stop and up, in wich he sends 0 for both.

So why he did not send what he should, JaroFB/Set up 1 ?

Someone told me, that this was an actually problem with the Type Rollershutter on the mqtt biding, and this should be fixed in the actual nightly, so i updated to the latest snapshot, now it sends 100 / stop and 0 but not this what i will sending.

What can i do, or maybe its another bug from the biding ?