MQTT 2.4 Discovery How should this work?

I’ve got a mqtt broker set up which is showing as online.

I’ve created a device using python-homie, which is reporting as a 3.0.0 device.

Does discovery only work if the device is on homie/<deviceid>? Rather than sensors/homie/<deviceid>

And should I change to something other than the 2.4 version since there has been work on it I believe.

Where do I get this binding?

Probably. There are lots of fixes that have been made between 2.4 and 2.5 M1. I’d move to 2.5 M2. But be aware there have been some bugs reported for the 2.5 binding’s Homie implementation. But those should not impact the ability to scan for new devices.

There is only one MQTT binding. That one binding supprorts Generic Things, Homie Things, and HA Things, the latter two of which support automatic discovery.

I believe you have to manually kick off the scan by selecting the scan icon in the Inbox and then selecting MQTT from the list of bindings.

I cannot help with the specifics of the Homie topic names.

Seems a lot of effort (to be homie based) for not a lot of benefit (imo). A temp sensor via homie, which I was using already, had to go to version 3 (not stable yet), and the only channels that show up natively is the actual described sensor. If you want all the other meta data (online state, up time signal etc) you manually specify them…if you’re manually specifying items anyway…why would you bother with a thing?

I guess I expected a bit more “magic” like when i discover a zwave thing, and all these channels show up.

It doesn’t help that I have extensive .items set up…as I now have to make a .thing file first. If I’d come into it now I’d see a lot more benefit.