MQTT 2.4 - Homie - Datatype and Name for property mandatory? plus Hartbeat problem

Hi I played a bit with the new MQTT 2.4 binding.
First things first: For me that is absolutly a step in the right direction: Great Job !

So this is just some feedback in order to maybe improve.
I am referring to specs of:
and configured an ESP8266 according (Temperature sensor).

I had to try a bit around, as it seems that the properties need a name and a datatype in order to be able to link them:
Without the name i got a message in the log that the $name is missing.
I added the name but was still not able to link the channel nor to use it as Item nor would the name show up in paperUi
I also realized that in paperUI the 3rd line would say dummy (like the temperature#diff in the screenshot):

After I added a datatype the name appeared (like the AVG temperature in screenshot) and i was able to link it in PaperUI.
I am still not able to link it in items and sitemap…

I just want to mention, that according to the homie3.0 specs these parameters are not mandatory (Name would default be “” and datatype default be string).

I also have problems with the Hartbeat.

It seems that the $stats/interval value is read correctly, but my devices continue going offline even I send (and can see in MQTTspy):
$stats = “uptime”
$stats/uptime = number of seconds

Thanks again for this great new binding.