MQTT 2.4 Things Configuration Error color type


I have a problem with the things file, I configurate a mqtt broker and a test thing. The broker and the thing works fine with some typs like switch, dimmer and string. But the type color doesn´t work. I´ve the configuration from [](http://openhab blog)

Bridge mqtt:broker:myUnsecureBroker [ host="", secure=false ]
    Thing mqtt:topic:mything {
        Type switch : lamp "Kitchen Lamp" [ stateTopic="lamp/enabled", commandTopic="lamp/enabled/set" ]
        Type switch : fancylamp "Fancy Lamp" [ stateTopic="fancy/lamp/state", commandTopic="fancy/lamp/command", on="i-am-on", off="i-am-off" ]
        Type string : alarmpanel "Alarm system" [ stateTopic="alarm/panel/state", commandTopic="alarm/panel/set", allowedStates="ARMED_HOME,ARMED_AWAY,UNARMED" ]
        Type color : lampcolor "Kitchen Lamp color" [ stateTopic="lamp/color", commandTopic="lamp/color/set", rgb=true ]
        Type dimmer : blind "Blind" [ stateTopic="blind/state", commandTopic="blind/set", min=0, max=5, step=1 ]

I get a exception in Paper UI for the thing: OFFLINE - CONFIGURATION_ERROR Remove and recreate: mqtt:topic:wohnzimmerTestLED:lampcolor

I´ve search for hours but it looks like I´m the only one with the problem :sweat_smile:
I hope someone can help me

Thank you in advance


Okay I get it, it´s not color its colorRGB or colorHSB