MQTT 2.x - DateTime (Tibber CURL use case)


I am running MQTT (mosquitto) and OpenHAB MQTT Binding 2.x.
The issue is that I am receiving an “DateTime” object from my MQTT call, that I am not cast / convert correctly.

From my point of view this may be an restriction in the MQTT Binding (or in Paper-ui?), since I am only able to cast a value to a Number or a String (DateTime is not an option).

“Tibber Data StartDate” should be stored as “DateTime” instead of String:

Configuration of MQTT Thing for Tibber

Issue: Only Number available (or String if I select the other Item).

Hopefully its just me that didn’t see the big red “DateTime” button? :wink:

The binding does not provide DateTime channels, I am afraid.
Is that something that can be considered?