MQTT and stepper widget

  • Platform information:
    • OS: Linux / OH3.2

I have a mqtt things channel

Type number : EMS_pvraiseheat “Raise Hot Water with PV by” [stateTopic=“ems-esp/thermostat_data”, commandTopic=“ems-esp-testing/thermostat/pvraiseheat”, transformationPattern=“JSONPATH:$.pvraiseheat”]

And an item file

Number:Temperature EMS_pvraiseheat> “Brauchwasser mit PV erhöhen um [%.1f K]” (gBoilerRoomHeatingCircuit) [“Setpoint”,“Temperature”] {channel=“mqtt:topic:broker:ems-esp:EMS_pvraiseheat”,listWidget=“oh-stepper-item”[min=0, max=5, step=1]}

The item has e.g. a current value of 3. Whenever I try to raise the value or go one step down mqtt just sends the latest value (3) instead of the new one.
Does anyone has a hint?

Seems that there was an issue with item itself. Just renamed it and everything worked like expected - strange.